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Latest trend:

1 Our factory is actively exploiting the bottle of fire extinguisher, automobile muffle parts and automobile air-condition joint.

2. Our factory can design and produce aluminous container according to the consumers demand or produce aluminous container and parts base on drawing sheet, samples.

3. Our factory is looking for the partner.

The ways of cooperate:
1. Invest directly
2. Cooperate in technology
3. Exploit market together

The scopes of cooperate:
1. On the original base, enlarge the scope of the product series, to adapt the enlarged applied domain.

2. On the base of the original container, develop the container from non-ferrous metal to ferrous metal, even towards the nonmetal-packaging container.

Tel: 0510-83076452  Fax: 0510-83074424  MP: 013706174036
Tel: 0510-3076452  Fax: 0510-3074424  MP: 013706174036
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