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Wuxi Shan Bei Metal Container Co.,Ltd. is the joint stock system cooperative enterprise. At present we have total assets of RMB 12,000,000 Yuan, with an area of 10,500m2. We have over 200 employees, and more than 20 all kinds of technicians. Our three professional branch factories product process all specs of aluminium sheet, sheet material and aluminium planchet, and product GZ series straight line inductosyn to form a complete set for all kinds of machine tools, especially mainly product all sorts of aluminium electrical container, and aluminum bottle for pesticide and chemical material, aluminum packaging container and tubes, aluminum engine oil cleaner. Our credit standing is AA Grade.

Our main product and output:
All kinds of capaciter crust 5,000,000
Aluminum bottle for pesticide 6,000,000
Aluminum tube for printing ink 2,000,000
Aluminum package for Chemical
curative and adhesive composition 3,000,000
Aluminum plates and planchat 2000 ton
Straight line inductosyn RMB 1,000,000 Yuan


  Our factory can producing all specs of aluminum ware according to the customers' demand.
The GZ series straight-line inductosyn is coupled by solide gage and slide gage. It is a novel position detactor component, which can transfer the beeline displacement into electrical signal accurately. For it has many advantages such as high precision, excellent repeatability, strong interference immunity, oilproof, antisoil, good adaptability to environment, easy to adding and maintain, it is widely used in machining, measure appliance, close loop numerical control, and digital display system.

Tel: 0510-83076452  Fax: 0510-83074424  MP: 013706174036
Tel: 0510-3076452  Fax: 0510-3074424  MP: 013706174036
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